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ShaderQuality Enumeration

ShaderQuality enum specifies possible values for shader quality that define what kind of shaders should be used to render the scene.

Namespace: Ab3d.DirectX
Assembly: Ab3d.DXEngine (in Ab3d.DXEngine.dll) Version: 7.0.8865.1045
public enum ShaderQuality
Member nameValueDescription
Undefined0 Shader quality is not defined (usually used in Material when the PreferedShaderQuality is not set).
Low1 Low quality shaders are used - usually per vertex lighting is used. This shader quality setting has the best performance (hightes frames per second) but the lowest image quality.
Normal2 Normal quality shaders are used - usually per pixel lighting is used.
High3 High quality shaders are used. Note: DXEngine does not contain any high quality shaders. This means that when using shaders that come with DXEnige the results are the same as for Normal quality shader (but this setting can be used when custom shaders are used).
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