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RenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue Class

RenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue is derived from RenderingQueue. The difference from RenderingQueue is that RenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue can accept (with Add method) only objects derived from RenderablePrimitive. This is useful for rendering queues that need to be sorted for example MaterialSortedRenderingQueue and CameraDistanceSortedRenderingQueue.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Ab3d.DirectX
Assembly: Ab3d.DXEngine (in Ab3d.DXEngine.dll) Version: 7.0.8865.1045
public class RenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue : RenderingQueue

The RenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue type exposes the following members.

Public methodRenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue Constructor
Public propertyAllowedEffectType Gets allowedEffectType that can be set in the constructor. When AllowedEffectType is not null then this RenderingQueue can get only RenderablePrimitive objects that use the specified Effect.
Public propertyCount Count of RenderablePrimitive objects used by this RenderablePrimitiveRenderingQueue
(Overrides RenderingQueueCount)
Public propertyItem Gets a RenderablePrimitiveBase with the specified index
(Overrides RenderingQueueItemInt32)
Public methodAdd Adds renderable object to this queue
(Overrides RenderingQueueAdd(RenderablePrimitiveBase))
Public methodClear Removes all renderable objects from this queue
(Overrides RenderingQueueClear)
Public methodGetEnumerator Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
(Overrides RenderingQueueGetEnumerator)
Public methodRemove Removes renderable object to this queue
(Overrides RenderingQueueRemove(RenderablePrimitiveBase))
Public methodReplace Replaces oldRenderablePrimitive object with newRenderablePrimitive (the newRenderablePrimitive preserves the positions of the oldRenderablePrimitive).
(Overrides RenderingQueueReplace(RenderablePrimitiveBase, RenderablePrimitiveBase))
Public methodResetCachedMaterialFlags Resets MaterialFlags in all renderableGeometries and then sets the ResetCachedMaterialFlagsOnNextRender to false.
(Overrides RenderingQueueResetCachedMaterialFlags)
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