Ab3d.DXEngine Users Guide



Ab3d.DXEngine is a DirectX 11 rendering engine that can render existing WPF 3D scene much faster, with much more accurate lighting and with advanced rendering effects.

Quick user guide help contains the following sections:

  • QuickStart - shows how easy is to convert existing WPF 3D application to use DXEngine.
  • Overview - quickly describes how DXEngine is rendering the 3D scene.
  • Initialization - describes some concepts behind DXEngine initialization process.
  • Using Ab3d.PowerToys - contains some tips for using the DXEngine with the Ab3d.PowerToys library.
  • Tips and Tricks - shows some tips and tricks.
  • Ab3d.DXEngine Deep Dive - provides detailed information about how the DXEngine renders the scene.
  • Diagnostics - shows how to use Diagnostics window and DXEngineSnoop.
  • System Requirements - describe system requirements for the engine.
  • Deployment - describes how to deploy the application that is using DXEngine.
  • Troubleshooting - answers on some of the most common problems.

You can also check the full Ab3d.DirectX reference help that describes all the classes, their properties and method.