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Many organizations have purchased our products. Some of the more well-known organizations include:

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Use Cases

We are a programming company primary focused on medical diagnostic and treatment software used mainly in homeopathy orientated clinics. We use the Ab3d.Reader3ds library for about 2 years to visualize the 3D models within our software. What we like most is the easy handling and programming API of the library. It leaves us totally free with internal details of the 3ds file type. The Ab3d.Reader3ds library is also very fast in reading 3ds files and gives us a lot of functions to control and manipulate the objects within the 3D scene. The author really did a great job and in the incidence of a supporting question replies very quick!

Oliver Renz
Jorisoft GmbH

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I have really enjoyed using your product, I am fairly new to programming and WPF and you have made it easier to create really complicated user interfaces. We are creating software for the Architectural/Engineering field and we are configuring options for 3D models to be used in the design process. Having an animated 3D representation of the 3D model to be used is very engaging for the user and makes a complicated configuration process easier.

Judd Kidman
RAD Developer
BIM Advent

Description: We are developing software which helps clients in preparing and filing their US tax returns. We already have the forms provided by the US government in form of emf files. Since the software is getting developed in Silverlight, we need to have the xaml files of those forms. Hence we use Paste2Xaml (Ab2d.ReaderWmf library) for the conversion.

Primary Actor: Internal Use in Silverlight application.

Precondition: Collect all emf files (which are to be converted to xaml files).

Postcondition: Converted xaml files (which can then be used in Silverlight application).

Main Success Scenario:

1. Our Silverlight application uses the reference of Ab2D namespace.

2. Conversion of emf files to xaml files takes place through use of functions provided by Ab2d namespace.

3. Converted xaml files are then used in our Silverlight application.

Anthony Corrie
Software Architect
Thomson Reuters

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Using Reader3ds makes wpf-development for 3ds files simple!

What we do:

Elvis 3 is a visualization system for modern building technology generated by IT Gmbh (www.it-gmbh.de). Elvis 3 users are free to use latest technologies - like mobile control via iOS-device (iPod/iPad/iPhone) or Android-device, multimedia-control, web-solution or 3D visualization. Intelligent functions support the user to use his building services in a simple way.

Where we use Reader3ds:

To visualize a 3D-model in Elvis 3 the user imports a 3ds-model - implementing already lights and camera settings. It is imported into Elvis 3 using the AB4D Reader3ds. With help of the methods and properties provided by AB4D Reader3ds it is easy to divide the 3ds-model into different parts and to rearrange it into a structure for our use. The methods and properties provided by Reader3ds-methods are very comfortable.

During the development phase we were supported by a very competent developer who helped us in different cases and answered our questions in a real short period of time – regarding the forums posts as well as any direct contact via e-mail in very urgent issues. As there are many traps you can fall into reading 3ds files, we are glad that this tool was developed to make reading and using a 3ds-file in wpf as simple as it is now. Thanks to AB4D, especially to Mr. Benedik!

Stefanie Thielmann
Software Developer
IT Gmbh

The project where we are using the ReaderWmf library is a new report generator for our applications. We are developing software for civil engineers for analysis and design of buildings and bridges. Until now this software is producing its graphical output as emf files.

Our new report generator called "RtReport" uses the new WPF technologies of Microsoft which doesn't support the integration of emf files anymore. So we were searching for a solution

how to reuse the existing graphical output of our software. ReaderWmf will help us now to transfer the existing emf files into XAML code which can be included into our new XPS based reports.

The workflow can be described as follows:

Our ~45 existing applications are creating emf files which may be different on each run of the application. Our new report generator will read this files and transform them to XAML

code. This XAML code is put into the generated reports and printed into an XPS


Michael Bausch
software developer
RIB Engineering GmbH

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GENIUS is an Earth Stations Management system that uses ReaderSvg and ZoomPanel in order to perform the graphical representation of the managed elements. These elements are colored according to their summary status. As the number of elements of the Earth Station increases, the user can use the zooming/scaling capability to focus on the elements at specific areas. By clicking on any of the managed element, it displays its main parameters that can also be changed.

Real Gómez, Francisco Javier
Product Engineering consultant
Indra Espacio S.A.

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Our application is developed for remote access to documents. Documents are stored in database as a set of graphics primitives, of which emf-file was formed. Because of inability to show emf-file in silverlight application correctly, we decide to convert emf to xaml. We use Ab2d.ReaderWmf for this purpose.

Ekaterina Gusakova

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The ZoomPanel will be used as part of a WPF application that will be installed on some DIDs (Digital Interactive Display) in a fair environment.

The software will act as a marketing digital signage and also will have an interactive fair map (using the ZoomPanel) to search and locate exhibitor booth and information.

Angelo Casalini
Multimedia Developer
Econcept srl

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