About us

AB4D is a limited liability company that develops software that can be used to create great 2D and 3D graphics for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation - technology to develop advanced user interfaces in Windows-based applications) and Silverlight (technology to develop Internet applications).


AB4D d.o.o.
Kumrovška ulica 13
SI – 1000 Ljubljana

Quick Facts

Company name: AB4D d.o.o.
Legal organizational form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Incorporation: AB4D was incorporated on November 10, 2010 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
General manager: Andrej Benedik

VAT Number: SI34956328
Registration number: 3848078000
Registry Court: Local Court in Ljubljana

The W-8BEN-E form (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner) for United States Tax Withholding is available on request.

All the products from the AB4D company use encryption only for authentication and are therefore classified under Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) as EAR99 and NLR (No License Required).

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