Ab3d.DXEngine Users Guide


System requirements

.Net 4.0 Client profile or newer is required to run Ab3d.DXEngine. This also means that Ab3d.DXEngine cannot run on system that is older than Windows XP SP3 (required for .Net 4.0)

Full hardware acceleration:

DirectX 10 capable graphic card (though DXEngine is using DirectX 11, the engine requires feature level 10.0 which means DirectX 10 capable graphics card). This allows usage of probably all discrete graphics cards purchased after year 2010, all Intel Core i3 - i7 processors (using graphics card on the CPU), all motherboards with chipset GL40 or newer - this includes most of the laptops.

Required OS: Windows 7 or newer (or Windows Vista with Platform update)

Software rendering:

No hardware requirements. Software rendering is highly optimized to work on multicore CPUs and can render 3D scene in the same quality as hardware accelerated rendering.

Required OS: Windows 7 or newer (or Windows Vista with Platform update).

WPF rendering:

DirectX 11 is not supported on Windows XP or on Window Vista without Platform update. There Ab3d.DXEngine can fallback to WPF to render the 3D scene. It is also possible to fallback to WPF when there are any problems with initializing 3D engine because of some faulty drivers or other problems.