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SceneNodeGetDetailsText Method

Returns string that tells details about this SceneNode

Namespace: Ab3d.DirectX
Assembly: Ab3d.DXEngine (in Ab3d.DXEngine.dll) Version: 7.0.8865.1045
public virtual string GetDetailsText(
	bool showBounds = true,
	bool showTransform = true,
	bool showDirtyFlags = true,
	bool showMaterialInfo = true,
	bool showMeshInfo = true


showBounds  Boolean  (Optional)
if true than bounds of this SceneNode is shown
showTransform  Boolean  (Optional)
if true than transformation matrix is shown when set
showDirtyFlags  Boolean  (Optional)
if true than DirtyFlags are shown
showMaterialInfo  Boolean  (Optional)
true to show material info
showMeshInfo  Boolean  (Optional)
true to show mesh info

Return Value

string that tells details about this SceneNode
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