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SceneNodeForEachChildNodeT Method

ForEachChildNode calls the childNodeFoundAction for each SceneNode of type T that is find in the hierarchy of the child SceneNodes starting at this SceneNode's ChildNodes.

Namespace: Ab3d.DirectX
Assembly: Ab3d.DXEngine (in Ab3d.DXEngine.dll) Version: 7.0.8865.1045
public void ForEachChildNode<T>(
	Action<T> childNodeFoundAction,
	bool enumerateOnlyOneChildrenLevel = false
where T : SceneNode


childNodeFoundAction  ActionT
Action that is called for each found SceneNode (the found SceneNode is passed as parameter)
enumerateOnlyOneChildrenLevel  Boolean  (Optional)
when false (by default) then all children of children in all hierarhy levels are enumerated; when true, then only SceneNodes from this.ChildNodes collection will be enumerated

Type Parameters

Type for which the childNodeFoundAction is called (must be derived from SceneNode)
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