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Use vector graphics from svg files in
WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows Store apps applications.

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ViewerSvg - svg to XAML converter

ViewerSvg is the best svg to XAML converter for WPF, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Universal Aps and Silverlight.

My confidence in ViewerSvg is so good because it not only can accurately convert svg files into XAML but also has the following additional great features:

  • Possibility to read svg objects as Shapes (for easier manipulation) or as Geometry objects (for better draw performance).
  • Optimize hierarchies and transformations to convert complex hierarchies with transformations into simpler objects.
  • Read data from custom properties that are attached to elements and export the data as xml serialized DataTable (only for svg files created in Microsoft Visio).
  • Additional optimization of Geometry objects to further improve drawing performance.
  • Using TrueTransform to change size and position of read objects by changing the actual shape data (without adding Transformation to root object).
  • Possibility to convert texts into PathGeometry.
  • Option to automatically size the read objects so that only the svg content is get without the whole document defined in root svg element.
  • Preserve element names - name can be read from id attribute or from title element.
  • The best support - if you find any svg file that is not read correctly, send it to us and we will try to improve the reader so it will read the svg file correctly.

ViewerSvg is using the Ab2d.ReaderSvg library that imports objects from svg and svgz files at runtime. With the library it is possible to use svg files just as jpg, png or other files. Ab2d.ReaderSvg also has many advanced options and other possibilities that are not possible when using a converted xaml file.


ViewerSvg user interface:
Creating svg file with data in Microsoft Visio and opening it in ViewerSvg and in our WPF application:
Various svg files opened in ViewerSvg:

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