Ab4d.SharpEngine versions history


See related blog posts to get additional information about development history of the Ab4d.SharpEngine rendering engine.


Version 0.9.8-beta2

  • Improve SharedTexture support for integrated Intel graphic cards and older graphics cards
  • Using SwapChainPanel for WinUI instead of SurfaceImageSource - this is faster and better supported by WinUI
  • Helped design External GPU memory interop (OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX) and then implemented the new much better way to share Vulkan texture with Avalonia UI application
  • Objects and camera animation similar to Anime.js
  • Many other updates and fixes
  • Added many samples to help you understand the SharpEngine and provide code templates for your projects
  • Breaking change: Renamed StandardMaterial.Alpha property to Opacity


Version 0.9.0-beta1

  • first public beta version