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ReaderSvgAfterWpfObjectCreatedDelegate Delegate

AfterWpfObjectCreatedDelegate is used for AfterWpfObjectCreatedCallback to provide a way to customize WPF objects that are created with ReaderSvg from svg elements.

Namespace:  Ab2d
Assembly:  Ab2d.ReaderSvg (in Ab2d.ReaderSvg.dll) Version: 7.1.7295.1040
public delegate FrameworkElement AfterWpfObjectCreatedDelegate(
	string svgElementOuterXml,
	string objectName,
	IAddChild parentObject,
	FrameworkElement createdWpfObject


Type: SystemString
OuterXml text for the svg element
Type: SystemString
name of the objects - read from svg element attributes based on the value of the NamedObjectsSource
Type: System.Windows.MarkupIAddChild
parent WPF object that the created objects will be added to
Type: System.WindowsFrameworkElement
WPF object that was created by ReaderSvg from the svgElementOuterXml

Return Value

Type: FrameworkElement
Usually the same object as is passed to the createdWpfObject should be returned. This object is added to the parentObject. It is also possible to return a completely different object. When null is returned, then no object is added to the parentObject.
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