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Ab2d Namespace

Ab2d namespace contains classes that help working with 2D in Windows Presetation Foundation (WPF). ReaderSvg class reads svg files and imports its elemnts into WPF elements. With ReaderSvg it is possible to draw the elements of WPF application in almost any vector drawing application, save it into svg file and with ReaderSvg import it into WPF application.
Public classCode exampleReaderSvg
ReaderSvg is a class library for reading svg and svgz files and converting its elements into WPF elements. For usage in XAML see SvgViewbox and SvgDrawing.
Public delegateReaderSvgAfterWpfObjectCreatedDelegate
AfterWpfObjectCreatedDelegate is used for AfterWpfObjectCreatedCallback to provide a way to customize WPF objects that are created with ReaderSvg from svg elements.
Public delegateReaderSvgBeforeWpfObjectCreatedDelegate
BeforeWpfObjectCreatedDelegate is used for BeforeWpfObjectCreatedCallback to provide a way to create custom WPF objects from svg elements.
Public delegateReaderSvgGetCustomSvgElementNameDelegate
GetCustomSvgElementNameDelegate is used for GetCustomSvgElementNameCallback to provide custom element names.
Public enumerationReaderSvgNamedObjectsSourceType
Enum that defines the available sources for the object's name.
Public enumerationReaderSvgSvgCreators
SvgCreators enum defines common applications that can produce svg files.
Public enumerationReaderSvgSwitchElementProcessingTypes
The SwitchElementsProcessingTypes enum defines the possible values for the SwitchElementsProcessingType property.