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Ab2d.ReaderSvg Namespaces

Ab2d.ReaderSvg is a svg reader for WPF applicatons and can convert the svg elements into WPF's Shape and Geometry objects.
Ab2d namespace contains classes that help working with 2D in Windows Presetation Foundation (WPF). ReaderSvg class reads svg files and imports its elemnts into WPF elements. With ReaderSvg it is possible to draw the elements of WPF application in almost any vector drawing application, save it into svg file and with ReaderSvg import it into WPF application.
Ab2d.Common.ReaderSvg namespace contains classes that specify settings for some of the Ab2d.ReaderSvg methods.
Ab2d.Controls namespace contains controls that can be used in xaml and can show svg files. To show svg files as shapes use Ab2d.Controls.SvgViewbox or Ab2d.Controls.SvgDrawing to svg svg files as geometry.
Ab2d.Licensing.ReaderSvg namespace (available only in commercial version)
Ab2d.Utility.ReaderSvg namespace contains ResourceDictionaryWriter class that is a helper class that can be used to build ResourceDictionaries from multiple input files.