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SilverlightXamlWriterSettings Class

SilverlightXamlWriterSettings defines settings for use with GetXaml method to get xaml defined for Silverlight.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Ab2d.Common.ReaderSvg
Assembly:  Ab2d.ReaderSvg (in Ab2d.ReaderSvg.dll) Version: 7.1.7295.1040
public class SilverlightXamlWriterSettings : WpfXamlWriterSettings

The SilverlightXamlWriterSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFallbackBrush
Gets or sets a Brush that is used for Silverlight XAML instead of VisualBrush (default value is Brushes.White).
Public propertyIsSizeSetToPathElement
Gets of sets a Boolean that specifies if Width and Height are set to Path elements. This is a workaround for Visual Studio 2010 designer bug - without Width and Height set, the Path is not displayed in designer. Default value is true.
Public propertySilverlightVersion
Gets or sets the Silverlight version.
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