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Ab2d.Common.ReaderSvg Namespace

Ab2d.Common.ReaderSvg namespace contains classes that specify settings for some of the Ab2d.ReaderSvg methods.
Public classBaseXamlWriterSettings
BaseXamlWriterSettings is a base class that defines settings for GetXaml method. To get xaml for WPF use WpfXamlWriterSettings. For Silverlight use SilverlightXamlWriterSettings.
Public classGeometrySettings
Geometry Settings used to define how the geometry is read with ReadGeometry method.
Public classSilverlightXamlWriterSettings
SilverlightXamlWriterSettings defines settings for use with GetXaml method to get xaml defined for Silverlight.
Public classSvgFileLoadedEventArgs
SvgFileLoadedEventArgs is used for SvgFileLoaded event on SvgViewbox and SvgDrawing.
Public classSvgFileLoadingEventArgs
SvgFileLoadingEventArgs is used for SvgFileLoading event on SvgViewbox and SvgDrawing.
Public classWinRtXamlWriterSettings
WinRtXamlWriterSettings defines settings for use with GetXaml method to get XAML defined for Windows Runtime (Windows Store applications).
Public classWpfXamlWriterSettings
WpfXamlWriterSettings defines settings for use with GetXaml method to get xaml defined for WPF.
Public interfaceIResourceXamlWriterSettings
IResourceXamlWriterSettings interface is used to specify setting that tell Xaml Writer how to write Pens and Brushes as resources.
Public delegateResolveImagePathDelegate
ResolveImagePathDelegate is used to specify the path where the image will be saved
Public delegateResolveResourceKeyDelegate
ResolveResourceKeyDelegate is used to customize the resource key names used in GetXaml method when UseResources property is set to true and ReadGeometry method was used.
Public enumerationGeometryTextExportType
GeometryTextExportType enum describes how the text is exported into geometry objects.
Public enumerationSilverlightXamlWriterSettingsSilverlightVersionType
SilverlightVersionType defines the supported Silverlight versions