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BaseXamlWriterSettings Properties

The BaseXamlWriterSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDefaultImageUriFormatString
Gets or sets the format string that is used to write image's uri when ResolveImagePath delegate is not used. Default value is "image_{0}.{1}".
Public propertyFullNumberFormatString
Gets full NumberFormatString - for example "{0:0.###}". To set the number format use NumberFormatString property.
Public propertyIndentStep
Gets or sets indent step - default value is 4
Public propertyIsResourceDictionary
Gets or sets whether the xaml is written to a ResourceDictionary
Public propertyMaxDataTextLength
Gets or sets the maximum length of texts used for Path's Data, PointCollection, etc. If data text is largest than MaxDataTextLength, the data text is truncated and "..." is added to the end of text. Default value is 0, which does not limits the data text length.
Public propertyNamedObjects
Gets or sets NamedObjects dictionary with names (as keys) of the objects (as values). The defined names will be used to name the objects.
Public propertyNameFormatString
Gets or sets a format string that is used to format object names. NameFormatString can be used to add suffix or prefix to the names - for example "Prefix_{0}_suffix". When NameFormatString is null or empty the name without any prefix or suffix is used.
Public propertyNumberFormatString
Gets or sets NumberFormatString - for example 0.00 for 2 decimals or 0.## for 2 decimals if not 0. Empty string means unlimited number of decimals. Default value is 0.###
Public propertyResolveImagePath
Callback to set the path where the image will be saved
Public propertyRootElementKeyValue
Gets or sets Key value for the root element.
Public propertyRootObject
Gets or sets a string to specify a custom root object. If null or empty the last read object will be set as root object. (example values: "UserControl" or "Window").
Public propertyStartComment
Gets or sets start comment
Public propertyStartIndent
Gets or sets indent value used on root element.
Public propertyUseCanvasPositionForTranslateTransform
Gets or sets a Boolean that specifies if Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top are used instead of RenderTransform or LayoutTransform that are only translate transformations.
Public propertyUseColorNames
If true (default) known colors are written by their name (Black). If false a hexedecimal ARGB display is used (0xFF000000).
Public propertyWriteElementNames
Gets or sets a Boolean that specifies if element names are written to the xaml string. Default value is true.
Public propertyWriteRootObjectResouceKey
Gets or sets whether the xaml is written to a ResourceDictionary
Public propertyWriteTransformationsAsElement
Gets or sets a Boolean that specifies if the transformations are written as inner elements or as attributes.
Public propertyXamlNamespace
Gets or sets XamlNamespace
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