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ReaderSvgSvgBounds Property

Gets the bounds of the svg elements. Note: Usually svg elements does not start at (0,0) but are places in a virtual letter. To work only with svg elements so they can be sized according to the host element (for example StackPanel, Page, etc.) two Canvases and a Viewbox is used. But with SvgBounds property it is possible to get the original bounds of the svg elements. If AutoSize is set to false, the SvgBounds are get from the root svg element. Also this property makes InnerWeight and InnerHeight obsolete.

Namespace:  Ab2d
Assembly:  Ab2d.ReaderSvg (in Ab2d.ReaderSvg.dll) Version: 7.1.7295.1040
public Rect SvgBounds { get; }

Property Value

Type: Rect
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