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ReaderSvgGetXaml Method

Gets xaml of the last read svg or svgz file with the default setting for WPF.

Namespace:  Ab2d
Assembly:  Ab2d.ReaderSvg (in Ab2d.ReaderSvg.dll) Version: 7.1.7295.1040
public string GetXaml()

Return Value

Type: String
xaml of the last read svg or svgz file

Read or ReadGeometry must be called before using GetXaml.

To specify detailed options for xaml or to get xaml for Silverlight use GetXaml method.

The following sample reads the mySample.svg file, gets its xaml (for WPF) and saves it into a file.
string xaml;
Viewbox sampleViewbox;

sampleViewbox = myReader.Read(@"c:\mySample.svg");
xaml = myReader.GetXaml();

System.IO.File.WriteAllText(@"c:\mySample.xaml", xaml);
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