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Ab3d.DirectX.Controls Namespace

Ab3d.DirectX.Controls namespace contains classes that define controls that can be used in WPF application. The main control that can host Viewport3D control and show its content with DXEngine is the DXViewportView.
Public classD3D11ImageSource
A D3D11ImageSource class can be used as Image's Source and can displays Direct3D 11 content. Note that the part of the window that is assigned to D3D11ImageSource can be used only for DirectX and cannot show any WPF content over the control. If you want to show WPF content on top of DirectX content, than DXImage or D3D11ImageSource should be used.
Public classD3DHost
D3DHost is a control that is used to show the 3D scene with when the DirectXOverlay is used for the PresentationType property. The control is derived from System.Windows.Interop.HwndHost and provides a windows handle based area that can be used to display the 3D scene with using the DirectX SwapChain. The area occupied with D3DHost cannot be used by any other WPF element (this is possible when using DXImage control.
Public classDXImage
DXImage is a control that is used to show the 3D scene with when the DirectXImage is used for the PresentationType property. The DXImage content can be mixed with other WPF elements (this is not possible when using D3DHost control.
Public classDXView
DXView is a WPF control that can show scene rendered by DXScene. The rendered scene can be shown in WPF as a D3DImage (when using DirectXImage as PresentationType) or as DirectX overlay (when using DirectXOverlay).
Public classDXViewportView
DXViewportView is a control that can shown the content of the WPF's Viewport3D with the DXEngine rendering engine.
Public delegateDXViewRenderedBitmapReadyDelegate
RenderedBitmapReadyDelegate is used in RenderToBitmap and defines width, height and DataBox parameters and is called when the rendered bitmap is ready to be copied from GPU mapped memory to main memory.
Public enumerationDXViewPresentationTypes
PresentationTypes enum defines how DXView will present the DirectX 3D scene to the WPF rendering engine.