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The ultimate framework for .Net 3D
with cameras, 3D models, 3D lines,
3D text and more!
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Do you want to add awesome 2D and 3D content to your .Net applications?

3D graphics for .Net

Learn more about the advantages of AB4D tools and get an overview of using the tools for 3D graphics. The following products are available for 3D graphics:


The ultimate .Net 3D framework to create amazing 3D content with the easiest to use 3D API and many code samples.

The library provides easy to use cameras, mouse and touch camera controls and event handling on 3D objects. It includes many 3D objects, allows creation of extruded and lathe 3D objects, adds support for 3D lines, 3D text and many more.

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DirectX 11 rendering engine for .Net applications.

Ab3d.DXEngine can render existing WPF 3D scenes with super fast and much more accurate 3D rendering engine. The engine can be fully customized with writing your own shaders, creating custom effects or customizing any other rendering pipeline stage.

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Viewer3ds and Ab3d.Reader3ds

The most accurate 3ds file importer on the market.

Import 3D models from one of the most commonly used file format for 3D objects. Create 3D models in almost any 3D modeling application from free Blender to professional 3D Studio MAX, Maya and others. Or buy the models from many 3D libraries like Turbosquid.

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2D graphics for .Net

Learn more about using AB4D tools to add awesome 2D graphics to .Net applications. The following three products are available for 2D graphics:

ViewerSvg and Ab2d.ReaderSvg

The best svg reader for .Net to import vector drawings from svg files.

Show amazing vector graphics or use DPI independent vector drawings instead of bitmaps. Because svg is the most commonly used file format for storing 2D vector images, almost all vector drawing programs (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Visio, etc.) You can also get great svg content from maby online clipart libraries like Open Clip Art Library.

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Paste2Xaml and Ab2d.ReaderWmf

Import metafiles and GDI+ graphics into .Net applications.

Read 2D vector graphics from Windows metafiles (wmf), Enhanced Metafiles (emf) or get GDI+ objects from clipboard - simply copy the drawing in almost any 2D drawing application (Microsoft Excel, Word, Autocad, etc.) and paste it into Paste2Xaml to get an XAML of the drawing.

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The ultimate zoom control for .Net adds zooming and panning to your application.

Allows users to see on overview of the vector drawing and also to zoom in and check the details in any part of the drawing. The zoom controls can be fully customizable to provide functionality for almost any zooming and panning scenario.

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