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SvgDrawing Properties

The SvgDrawing type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoSize
If true (default) the size of main canvas is calculated from the size of all inner objects. This means that the returned objects will be just as big as its contain objects. If false the size of svg element is used for the size of main canvas. This is useful for example if you were working on a Letter area and would like to preserve the position of objects inside the Letter.
Public propertyInnerImage
Gets the Image returned by last read with ReaderSvg.
Public propertyInnerReaderSvg
Gets the ReaderSvg that was used to read the svg or svgz file.
Public propertyNamedObjectsSource
Gets or sets one of the ReaderSvgNamedObjectsSourceType as the source to get the object's name. Default value is NamedObjectsSourceType.Auto.
Public propertyOptimizationPercent
Gets or sets the geometry optimization percent. 0 means no optimization, 100 means full optimization.
Public propertySource
Gets or sets the Source of the svg or svgz file
Public propertySourceStream
Stream that is used to read svg file. When this property is set (not null) it is used instead of Source property.
Public propertyStretch
Gets or sets the SvgDrawing.Windows.Media.Stretch mode, which determines how content fits into the available space.
Public propertyStretchDirection
Gets or sets the System.Windows.Controls.StretchDirection, which determines how scaling is applied to the contents of a SvgDrawing.
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