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TextBlockVisual3DRenderBitmapSize Property

When set to a valid size value (not Empty or with 0 Width or Height), then TextBlock and Border elements are rendered to bitmap and that bitmap is then shown on a 3D model. When set to Empty then TextBlockVisual3D is using a DiffuseMaterial with a VisualBrush that show TextBlock and Border. Setting RenderBitmapSize can increase initialization time but can significantly improve rendering performance. When used in DXEngine it is highly recommended to set this property. Default value is Size.Empty; but when rendered with Ab3d.DXEngine the default value is set to DefaultDXEngineRenderBitmapSize (512 x 256).

Namespace:  Ab3d.Visuals
Assembly:  Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 10.2.8348.1045
public Size RenderBitmapSize { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Size
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