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BaseCameraShowCameraLight Property

Gets or sets a ShowCameraLightType that specifies when the Cameras light is shown. The default value is ShowCameraLightType.Auto.

Namespace:  Ab3d.Cameras
Assembly:  Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 10.1.8147.1045
public ShowCameraLightType ShowCameraLight { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: ShowCameraLightType

Camera light is a Light that is added to the Viewport3D and is positioned at the same position as the camera and is looking at the cameras direction. In the real world this would be a light that is mounted to the camera. This way the 3D objects that are viewed with the camera are always illuminated regardless of the cameras position.

The ShowCameraLight defines when the camera light is shown. The possible values are:

  • Never - Never add additional camera light
  • Auto - (Default value) Show camera light only if there is no other light defined in the Viewport3D controlled by the camera.
  • Always - Always add a camera light

The default value ShowCameraLightType.Auto. It means that if the TargetViewport3D does not define any light, a Camera light will be added.

To change the color of the light set the CameraLight property to some other DirectionalLight.

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