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MeshUtilsGeneratePlanarTextureCoordinates(MeshGeometry3D, Vector3D, Vector3D, Rect, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) Method

Returns a TextureCoordinates for the specified mesh. TextureCoordinates are calculated with using the Planar projection. The plane is defined by the planeNormalVector (perpendicular to the plane) and planeHeightVector (defines the y up direction in the plane).

Namespace: Ab3d.Utilities
Assembly: Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 11.1.8864.1045
public static PointCollection GeneratePlanarTextureCoordinates(
	MeshGeometry3D mesh,
	Vector3D planeNormalVector,
	Vector3D planeHeightVector,
	Rect customBounds,
	bool flipXCoordinate = false,
	bool flipYCoordinate = false,
	bool flipBackwardFacingXCoordinate = false


mesh  MeshGeometry3D
planeNormalVector  Vector3D
Vector3D that defines the plane normal - vector perpendicular to the plane
planeHeightVector  Vector3D
Vector3D that defines the direction of the 2D height vector on the plane
customBounds  Rect
When not Empty it specifies 2D bounding box of the 3D positions projected to the 2D plane that is used to limit the TextureCoordinates.
flipXCoordinate  Boolean  (Optional)
if true then the x texture coordinate is flipped
flipYCoordinate  Boolean  (Optional)
if true then the y texture coordinate is flipped
flipBackwardFacingXCoordinate  Boolean  (Optional)
if true the x texture coordinate on the positions with backward facing normals are flipped - this allows creating texture coordinates for displaying text that can be read on both sides of the object.

Return Value

PointCollection with calculated TextureCoordinates
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