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MeshUtilsGeneratePlanarTextureCoordinates(MeshGeometry3D, Vector3D, Vector3D, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) Method

Returns a TextureCoordinates for the specified mesh. TextureCoordinates are calculated with using the Planar projection. The plane is defined by the planeNormalVector (perpendicular to the plane) and planeHeightVector (defines the y up direction in the plane).

Namespace: Ab3d.Utilities
Assembly: Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 11.1.8864.1045
public static PointCollection GeneratePlanarTextureCoordinates(
	MeshGeometry3D mesh,
	Vector3D planeNormalVector,
	Vector3D planeHeightVector,
	bool flipXCoordinate = false,
	bool flipYCoordinate = false,
	bool flipBackwardFacingXCoordinate = false


mesh  MeshGeometry3D
planeNormalVector  Vector3D
Vector3D that defines the plane normal - vector perpendicular to the plane
planeHeightVector  Vector3D
Vector3D that defines the direction of the 2D height vector on the plane
flipXCoordinate  Boolean  (Optional)
if true then the x texture coordinate is flipped
flipYCoordinate  Boolean  (Optional)
if true then the y texture coordinate is flipped
flipBackwardFacingXCoordinate  Boolean  (Optional)
if true the x texture coordinate on the positions with backward facing normals are flipped - this allows creating texture coordinates for displaying text that can be read on both sides of the object.

Return Value

PointCollection with calculated TextureCoordinates
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