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StandardEffect Class

StandardEffect is an effect that can render the mesh geometry with the standard material. Standard material can define diffuse color and diffuse texture, specular color and power and emissive color.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Ab3d.DirectX.Effects
Assembly:  Ab3d.DXEngine (in Ab3d.DXEngine.dll) Version: 5.1.8147.1045
public class StandardEffect : Effect, 

The StandardEffect type exposes the following members.

Public propertyRequiredInputLayoutType
Gets the input layout that is required to render this effect.
(Overrides EffectRequiredInputLayoutType.)
Public methodApplyMaterial
Applies the material and object's world matrix to this effect.
(Overrides EffectApplyMaterial(Material, RenderablePrimitiveBase).)
Public methodApplyRenderingPass
Sets the constant buffers and prepares all the shader states for rendering the specfied rendering pass. Before this method is called the OnApplyPerFrameSettings method must be called to set other frame settings.
Public methodGetDirectionalLightShader
Returns and instance of DirectionalLightShader that is used by this StandardEffect. The method increases reference count on DirectionalLightShader. This means that the returned instance must be disposed when it is not used any more.
Public methodGetRequiredRenderingPassesCount
Gets number of passes required to render this effect.
Public methodGetSuperShader
Returns and instance of SuperShader that is used by this StandardEffect. The method increases reference count on SuperShader. This means that the returned instance must be disposed when it is not used any more.
Public methodStatic memberIsUsingPerPixelShader
Returns true when per pixel shader should be used for specified shader quality.
Public methodIsUsingSuperShader
IsUsingSuperShader method return true if SuperShader is needed to render the specified lights. When false is returned than DirectionalLightShader can render the scene. This method also creates the needed shader (SuperShader or DirectionalLightShader) if is was not yet created.
Public methodPreloadShaders
PreloadShaders can be called to load the shaders in advance before they are used. Calling this method increases the startup time, but when the 3D object needs to be shown, it is shown faster because all the shaders have already been created.
(Overrides EffectPreloadShaders.)
Public methodResetRenderableGeometryMaterialFlagsValue
When RenderableGeometry objects are rendered in the same order in each frame, the RenderableGeometry.MaterialFlags value specifies how similar the material is to the previous object (for example if diffuse part is the same, then many color checks can be skipped). But when the order of rendering is changed or if we start rendering from the middle of the RenderingQueue, then we need to reset the cached value for the first rendered RenderableGeometry so that all the checks are done again. This method does that.
Public methodSetCustomPerFrameConstantBuffers
SetCustomPerFrameConstantBuffers sets custom perFrameCameraConstantsBuffer and perFrameLightsConstantBuffer. Note that the constant buffers need to be exactly the same as the DirectionalLightShader or SuperShader expects.
Public fieldStatic memberEffectName
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