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SceneNodeIsVisible Property

Gets or sets a Boolean that specified is this SceneNode and its child SceneNodes are visible. This property may be true, but if parent's SceneNode is not visible, then this SceneNode will not be actually visible (this can be get from IsActuallyVisible). When IsVisible is set to false, the DirectX resources created with this SceneNode are not disposed (are still available). But when rendering the RenderablePrimitive objects that are created from this SceneNode are skipped when the scene is rendered. This makes hiding and showing ob SceneNodes very fast because only the visibility of the RenderablePrimitive is changed. If you want to release DirectX resources when hiding the SceneNode, remove it from its parent SceneNode and call Dispose instead of setting IsVisible to false.

Namespace: Ab3d.DirectX
Assembly: Ab3d.DXEngine (in Ab3d.DXEngine.dll) Version: 7.0.8865.1045
public bool IsVisible { get; set; }

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