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Ab3d.DirectX.Models Namespace

Ab3d.DXEngine.Materials namespace contains classes that represent WPF 3D objects as DXEngine's SceneNodes or can be used to convert WPF 3D Models into DXEngine objects.
Public classBaseWpfObjectNode
BaseWpfObjectNode is a SceneNode that can be used as a base object for DXEngine wrapper around WPF 3D object. The class provide DependencyProperty and DXAttribute change notifications.
Public classDXMeshGeometry3D
DXMeshGeometry3D class is initialized by the WPF's MeshGeometry3D and uses its data to prepare the low level DirectX objects (Index and Vertex buffers) that are needed to render the mesh.
Public classDXMultiMeshGeometry3D
DXMultiMeshGeometry3D class is used to prepare low level DirectX objects from multiple WPF's MeshGeometry3D objects.
Public classInstancedMeshGeometry3DNode
InstancedMeshGeometry3DNode represents a InstancedMeshGeometryVisual3D as a SceneNode.
Public classInstancedModel3DGroupNode
InstancedModel3DGroupNode represents a InstancedModel3DGroupNode as a SceneNode.
Public classInstancedText
InstancedText object is returned from the InstancedTextNode.AddText method and can be used to change the text's position, color, show or hide the text. The class also defines the size of the 3D text.
Public classInstancedTextNode
InstancedTextNode is a SceneNode that can be used to render millions of characters with different colors, position and size. The InstancedTextNode renders each used character to a texture and then to renders all occurrences of the character with using object instancing. Because rendered characters use transparent background, the InstancedTextNode uses alpha-clipping to render them correctly without the need to sort then by their distance to the camera.
Public classSceneNodeFactory
SceneNodeFactory is a static class that contains CreateFromVisual3D and CreateFromModel3D methods that can convet WPF's Visual3D or Model3D objects into DXEngine's SceneNodes. It is possible to customize the SceneNode creation process with providing custom creators with RegisterVisual3DToSceneNodeCreator(Type, SceneNodeFactoryVisual3DToSceneNodeCreatorDelegate) and RegisterModel3DToSceneNodeCreator(SceneNodeFactoryModel3DToSceneNodeCreatorDelegate) methods.
Public classSimpleWpfModel3DSceneNode
SimpleWpfModel3DSceneNode is a simple SceneNode that is created from a WPF's Model3D object and is subscribed to Model3D's Transformation changes. When Model3D transformation is changed the Transform property is updated and child scene nodes get TransformChanged change notification. SimpleWpfModel3DSceneNode does not create any child nodes.
Public classWpfGeometryModel3DNode
WpfGeometryModel3DNode represents a WPF's GeometryModel3D as a SceneNode and can render the GeometryModel3D with DXEngine.
Public classWpfLightNode
WpfLightNode represents a SceneNode that contains a WPF's light.
Public classWpfMeshGeometry3DConverter
Public classWpfModel3DGroupNode
WpfModel3DGroupNode represents a WPF's Model3DGroup as a SceneNode and can render the Model3DGroup with DXEngine. WpfModel3DGroupNode creates child SceneNode objects from the Children of the Model3DGroup. It can dynamically add new SceneNodes or remove them to reflect the changes in the Model3DGroup.
Public classWpfModel3DPolygonLineNode
WpfModel3DPolygonLineNode is a SceneNode that can render polygon edge lines for the specified Model3D.
Public classWpfModelVisual3DNode
WpfModelVisual3DNode represents a WPF's ModelVisual3D as a SceneNode and can render the ModelVisual3D with DXEngine.
Public classWpfOptimizedModel3DGroupNode
WpfOptimizedModel3DGroupNode represents a SceneNode that is created from WPF's frozen Model3DGrup. The WpfOptimizedModel3DGroupNode optimizes the children so that they are rendered with as few draw calls as possible.
Public classWpfUIElement3DNode
WpfUIElement3DNode represents a WPF's UIElement2D as a SceneNode and can render its Model3D with DXEngine.
Public classWpfVisual3DCollectionNode
WpfVisual3DCollectionNode represents a SceneNode that is created from WPF's Visual3DCollection. WpfVisual3DCollectionNode creates child SceneNode objects from the Children of the Visual3DCollection. It can dynamically add new SceneNodes or remove them to reflect the changes in the Visual3DCollection.
Public classWpfWireframeVisual3DNode
WpfWireframeVisual3DNode represents a Ab3d.PowerToys's WireframeVisual3D as a SceneNode. The WpfWireframeVisual3DNode is optimized to render the wireframe and solid objects with hardware created wireframe rendering.
Public interfaceIWpfObjectNode
IWpfObjectNode is used on classes that derive from SceneNode class and are created to represent a WPF object as SceneNode.