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Ab3d.DirectX.Cameras Namespace

Ab3d.DXEngine.Cameras namespace contains classes and interfaces that can represent various cameras in DXEngine.
Public classBaseCamera
BaseCamera is a base camera that can be used in DXScene and that implements ICamera and ILeftRightHandedCoordinateSystem
Public classMatrixCamera
MatrixCamera is a simple camera that provides the View and Projection matrices.
Public classStereoscopicCamera
StereoscopicCamera is a camera that warps another camera (OriginalCamera) and provides properties that allow using the camera for stereoscopic rendering with different camera for left and for right eye. The current eye is defined by CurrentEye property. The differences of the left and right cameras are defined by EyeSeparation, Parallax and InvertLeftRightView properties.
Public classWpfCamera
WpfCamera is a camera that converts the WPF's camera into DXEngine's camera. To use the camera on non-UI thread, user needs to call Update method on the UI thread and then this camera data can be accessed on any thread.
Public interfaceIDistanceCamera
IDistanceCamera interface defines the Distance property
Public interfaceILeftRightHandedCoordinateSystem
When ILeftRightHandedCamera interface is used it specifies if left or right handed coordinate system is used.
Public interfaceILookDirectionCamera
ILookDirectionCamera is camera that implements GetCameraLookDirection method.
Public interfaceIPerspectiveCamera
IPerspectiveCamera interface defines the perspective camera with FieldOfView property
Public interfaceIRotatingCamera
IRotatingCamera interface defines a camera that provides rotation animation
Public interfaceISphericalCamera
ISphericalCamera interface defines a camera where the look direction is defined by Heading, Attitude and Bank angles.
Public interfaceITargetPositionCamera
ILookDirectionCamera is camera that implements GetCameraTargetPosition method.
Public enumerationProjectionType
ProjectionType defines possible types of camera projection.