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Ab3d Namespace
Ab3d namespace contains classes that help working with 3D in Windows Presetation Foundation (WPF). The main class is Reader3ds that can read 3ds files.
Public classCode exampleAnimator3ds
Animator3ds is a helper class for playing animations stored in 3ds file
Public classCode exampleReader3ds
Ab3d.Reader3ds is a class library for importing 3D objects from 3ds files.
Public classReader3dsMissingTextureException
Exception thrown when a texture file is missing and ThrowMissingTextureException is true
Public classCode exampleTransformer3ds
Transformer3ds is a helper class that helps animate and transform (rotate, scale and translate) the objects read with Reader3ds.
Public delegateAnimator3dsFramesPerSecondUpdatedEventHandler
Event handler for getting the current frames per second
Public delegateReader3dsCreateTextureCallbackDelegate
CreateTextureCallbackDelegate is used in CreateTextureCallback to customize creation of texture bitmap images.
Public delegateReader3dsResolveTextureFileDelegate
ResolveTextureFileDelegate describes the delegate that is used to resolve the path to the texture file.
Public enumerationReader3dsShadingType
Defines the smoothing types that is applied to objects. Default value is SmoothingGroups.