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TransparencyHelper Class

TransparencyHelper class contains helper static methods that are used by transparency sorting.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Ab3d.Utilities
Assembly: Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 11.0.8585.1045
public static class TransparencyHelper

The TransparencyHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGetOpacity(Material) Returns opacity of the Material.
Public methodStatic memberGetOpacity(Model3D) Returns opacity of the Model3D.
Public methodStatic memberGetOpacity(Visual3D) Returns opacity of the Visual3D (NOTE: Only gets opacity of the Content and not the Children).
Public methodStatic memberGetTransparentObjectsCount Returns count of transparent objects (objects where material's opacity < 1) inside Model3DGroup.
Public methodStatic memberGetTransparentObjectsList Returns a List of Model3D that have opacity material.
Public methodStatic memberSortTransparentObjectsList Moves the transparentObjects in the rootModelGroup after non-transparent objects.
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