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MeshEdge Structure

MeshEdge defines an edge in a 3D mesh. The edge is defined by StartPositionIndex and EndPositionIndex that represents two indexes in the mesh's positions collection. MeshEdge also defines indexes of polygons that use that edge.

Namespace:  Ab3d.Utilities
Assembly:  Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 10.1.8147.1045
public struct MeshEdge

The MeshEdge type exposes the following members.

Public methodMeshEdge
Public fieldCoveredByPartialEdgesPercent
When bigger then 0, this indicates the percentage (from 0 to 1) how much of the edge is covered by partial edges. This also indicates that PartialEdges start at index 1.
Public fieldEndPositionIndex
Index in the mesh's positions collection that defines the end edge position.
Public fieldIsNeighboringPolygonEdgeFlipped
When true, then edge is flipped (start and end are flipped) in the NeighboringPolygonIndex.
Public fieldNeighboringPolygonIndex
Index of the polygon that also shares both start and end positions of this edge. When -1 then no neighboring polygon is assigned.
Public fieldOriginalPolygonIndex
Index of the polygon that was used to create this edge.
Public fieldParentEdgeIndex
When not -1, this specifies the edge index that this edge was added to as a partial edge.
Public fieldPartialEdgePolygonIndexes
List of Tuples that define additional edges that are connected to this edge but do not share both start and end position. The first item in Tuple is Edge index, the second item is Polygon index. This list is null when no partial edges are assigned.
Public fieldStartPositionIndex
Index in the mesh's positions collection that defines the start edge position.
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