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IMovableCamera Interface

IMovableCamera interface provide method that can move camera with strafing. This interface is implemented by TargetPositionCamera, FirstPersonCamera and FreeCamera.

Namespace:  Ab3d.Cameras
Assembly:  Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 10.1.8147.1045
public interface IMovableCamera

The IMovableCamera type exposes the following members.

Public methodMoveBackward
Moves the camera backward (in the opposite as look direction)
Public methodMoveDown
Moves the camera down (in the opposite up direction)
Public methodMoveForward
Moves the camera forward (in the look direction)
Public methodMoveLeft
Moves the camera left (strafe)
Public methodMoveRight
Moves the camera right (strafe)
Public methodMoveUp
Moves the camera up (in the up direction)
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