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MeshUtilsSplitMeshByIndexesOfTriangles Method

SplitMeshByIndexesOfTriangles splits the originalMeshGeometry3D into mesh1 and mesh2 based on the list of triangle indexes defined in indexesOfTriangles (can be get by GetIntersectingTriangles(Rect3D, MeshGeometry3D, Transform3D) method). When the triangle index is present in the indexesOfTriangles, then the triangle is added to mesh1, otherwise triangle is added to mesh2. Note that mesh1 can be null (when indexesOfTriangles is null or empty). mesh2 can be null when indexesOfTriangles contains the same number of triangles as the originalMeshGeometry3D.

Namespace: Ab3d.Utilities
Assembly: Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 11.1.8864.1045
public static void SplitMeshByIndexesOfTriangles(
	MeshGeometry3D originalMeshGeometry3D,
	List<int> indexesOfTriangles,
	bool preserveOriginalPositionsCollection,
	out MeshGeometry3D mesh1,
	out MeshGeometry3D mesh2


originalMeshGeometry3D  MeshGeometry3D
MeshGeometry3D that will be split into mesh1 and mesh2
indexesOfTriangles  ListInt32
list of integers that define the triangle indexes that will be added to mesh1
preserveOriginalPositionsCollection  Boolean
when true, then the mesh1 and mesh2 use the original Positions collection. When false, new Positions collections is created for both meshes.
mesh1  MeshGeometry3D
out: created MeshGeometry3D with triangles that are specified in the indexesOfTriangles
mesh2  MeshGeometry3D
out: created MeshGeometry3D with triangles that are NOT specified in the indexesOfTriangles
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