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MeshUtilsGetPolygonPositions(MeshGeometry3D, Transform3D) Method

Returns Point3DCollection with positions that define the edge lines for the specified meshGeometry3D (lines are not connected; each line is defined by two positions). Edge lines are specified with using PolygonIndicesProperty DependencyProperty. If this DependencyProperty is not defined then null is returned. See remarks in PolygonIndicesProperty for more info.

Namespace: Ab3d.Utilities
Assembly: Ab3d.PowerToys (in Ab3d.PowerToys.dll) Version: 11.1.8864.1045
public static Point3DCollection GetPolygonPositions(
	MeshGeometry3D meshGeometry3D,
	Transform3D transform = null


meshGeometry3D  MeshGeometry3D
transform  Transform3D  (Optional)
Transform3D that can be added to each line position (null by default)

Return Value

Point3DCollection with positions that define the edge lines or null if PolygonIndicesProperty is not specified
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